Quiz – General Knowledge of Solar Energy

This quiz is aimed to test your general understanding of Solar Energy. It covers various technical and non-technical areas of a solar power plant.

You have 20 minutes to complete this quiz and are allowed unlimited re-attempts.

What’s solar noon?
The amount of air mass that the solar radiation has to pass through to hit the earth’s surface doesn’t affect the solar radiation.
Solar PV arrays can becomes a substitute for roofing or window materials
The tilt angle is the angle formed between the solar panel and a horizontal plane. It denotes the degrees against which the panel is lifted off a horizontal plane and is ideally equal to the latitude of a location. The advantages behind maintaining a tilt angle are:
If the solar PV System is only going to charge DC loads, then an inverter is not a requirement.
Six modules arranged in a series and six modules arranged in parallel will not produce the exact same amount of power output.
What are the benefits of increasing the irradiance levels of solar PV panels by use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces?
Statement 1: The higher the cell temperature, the higher the module voltage and vice versa. Statement 2: The higher the cell irradiance value, the more current is pushed through the module.
Statement 1: The location’s position on the globe, the time of the year and the local climate can affect the solar resource available. Statement 2: The path of the sun may look different in two very different locations that are situated on the same or similar latitudes.
You maximize a PV module’s electrical output by keeping the module as cool as possible and by pointing it directly at the sun as much as possible.
Although a battery based stand-alone PV system can be more expensive to set-up and difficult to maintain than a grid-connected solar system, it is theoretically the recommended system for a rural or a semi-urban dweller.
In the 1950s, the first piece of solar PV technology was designed by Bell Labs. How was it used?
The first few uses of solar PV technology on Earth was for which purpose?
Which of the below are characteristics of a grid connected solar power plant, when compared to an off-grid plant?

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