Quiz – Solar Power Plant Designing

Test your basic knowledge of Solar Power Plant Designing. This quiz covers various technical and non-technical areas of the solar power plants.

You have 20 minutes to complete this quiz and are allowed unlimited re-attempts.


What kind of solar systems track the sun’s movement?
Which of the following is a reliable weather dataset that solar designers refer to?
The location of electrical equipment is influenced by a range of factors. There are a set of equipment that shouldn’t be placed in the sun as the hotter they grow, the poorer they perform. Which of these equipment is the most difficult to keep away from direct sunlight?
Same sized ground-mounted solar systems operate at a lower temperature when compared to being installed on a rooftop, thus slightly increasing the total power output of a solar plant.
When we refer to a plant installation being of ‘poor quality’, we are generally referring to which of the following?
The most crucial consideration that needs to be made about the suitability of the roof structure, while installing a Ballasted solar system is?
What’s the file extension of an inverter?
Which of these is not a solar design software that is used to draw or model the layouts of a potential solar plants?
Which of the following risks can adversely impact the quality of a solar installation?
Which of these is not a step in sizing the PV plant?
What’s the full form of NABCEP?
What’s the key reason for most modules not being tilted more than 30-45 degrees?
Which of these details can you find in a professionally drawn Single-Line-Diagram?
Which of these phases in the life cycle of a solar project, has the longest timeline?
What’s the file extension of a PV module?
Safety while handling electrical equipment is extremely important to avoid any shock hazards. At what range of current is the muscular control partially lost, the said person is no longer able to ‘let go’ of the said source of current, but may not lead to death?
There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with installing solar on a rooftop. Which of the following disadvantages can have the most impact on the overall power output of the solar installation?
Which of these is a part of the drawings shared with local authorities to file for permits?

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