A World with Glocal Solutions | Prof. Chetan Solanki – IIT Bombay

In the first episode of the Spark Podcast, we invite Professor Chetan Singh Solanki from IIT-Bombay to discuss how entrepreneurs can fill a huge gap in the provision of solar power in India.

Prof. Solanki speaks to us about how entrepreneurs can fill a huge gap in the provision of solar power in India and how the focus of the Solar Industry in India needs to shift from centralized large solar parks to decentralized rooftop solar and why entrepreneurs need to provide global quality to local markets to succeed in the Solar Industry.

The key to solar is not mass production but production by the masses. Local leaders are the key to solar adoption and are the leaders of tomorrow.

says Dr. Solanki

Entrepreneurs are yet to explore the full potential of solar energy and that should be the biggest driving force…


  • (01:00) How do you define your vision for a sustainable India?
  • (01:57) How did this journey start?
  • (02:40) What has been the most challenging endeavor?
  • (03:10) What has been your inspiration?


  • (04:00) Where are the biggest opportunities for Indian Entrepreneurs today?
  • (04:50) How are Indian Universities are playing a key role in Energy Adoption?
  • (06:00) How should universities adapt to lead the change?
  • (06:52) Why are award-winning innovations are failing?
  • (10:00) Would Solar Energy become a lifestyle product?
  • (11:00) Are Electric utility companies become the biggest roadblock?
  • (13:05) Why is there a disconnect between the government’s effort to generate and utilize green energy?
  • (14:05) How far can we go with our current grid infrastructure not be able to handle production?


  • (15:55) Which policy of the Government has benefitted Indian Businesses?
  • (16:35) Your advice to Policymakers of India.
  • (17:30) One myth about Green Energy.
  • (18:20) Advice for Entrepreneurs in the Renewable Energy Space.

We’re grateful to Prof. Solanki to have shared his views on the future of solar energy in India and how he views the growth of the industry. Follow Prof. Solanki’s work on Linkedin and to learn about more solar energy, follow the Spark Podcast on Youtube

Until next time!

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