A World with Better Consumer Decision | Ritesh Pothan – Scorpius Trackers

In the second episode of the Spark Podcast, we invite Ritesh Pothan, Senior VP at Scorpius Trackers to discuss the various business opportunities in the Indian solar industry and the key hurdles the industry will have to pass if it has to become the primary source of energy in the region.

Ritesh Pothan speaks to us about the problem of the Indian mentality towards solar products. He shares his concern and suggests how many Solar EPC’s and companies carelessly cut corners to reduce the overall pricing of the product. This is what is severely affecting the quality in the solar industry and is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

In India, we often claim that the cheapest is the best. You’ve got to understand that if you don’t focus on quality and only focus on price, in the end, it’s going to bite you. You can’t expect a Mercedes at a Maruti rate

says Mr. pothan

My advice to entrepreneurs in the renewable energy industry would be to be a professional. Respect the profession and respect other professionals. Respect advice and do not give the wrong advice.

says Mr. pothan


  • (01:07) What is Scorpius Trackers trying to accomplish?
  • (02:18) How did you transition from IT to the Renewable Energy sector?
  • (03:22) What were the main challenges during the initial years of your transition?


  • (04:55) How are green energy companies different from other companies?
  • (06:17) How does Indian growth, craft & innovation compare to International markets?
  • (07:22) How are we ensuring the change to focus on quality products & installations?
  • (09:06) Who is at fault when we’re facing a quality shortage?
  • (11:29) What are the key prerequisites to start a renewable energy business?


  • (13:25) Which policy of the Government has benefitted Indian Businesses?
  • (14:19) Your advice to Policymakers of India.
  • (15:17) One myth about Green Energy.
  • (16:01) Advice for Entrepreneurs in Renewable Energy Space.

We’re grateful to Mr. Pothan to have shared his views on the various opportunities in the Indian solar industry and what could be the key hurdles that the solar industry will have to face. Follow Mr. Pothan on Linkedin and to learn about more solar energy, follow the Spark Podcast on Youtube

Until next time!

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