A World With Customer-Centric Innovation | Gagan Vermani – MYSUN

In the third episode of the Spark Podcast, we invite Mr. Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO at MYSUN to share his views on entrepreneurship in the solar industry, & discuss some of the major flaws with the existing model of solar and how to fix it.

Gagan Vermani shares his observations on the challenges of the Indian rooftop solar segment and how branding is an effective solution.

We have to move from the stage of selling solar to a stage where people start demanding solar. It’s not easy because you’re trying to change the conception of energy amongst Indian consumers.

says Mr. Vermani

We have reached the stage where nobody questions the viability of Solar Energy anymore. That’s a huge achievement.

says Mr. Vermani


  • (01:01) What is MYSUN’s vision and what are you trying to accomplish?
  • (02:41) How has renewable energy marked matured over the past few years?


  • (04:36) Which market segment should be prioritised to reach targets?
  • (05:38) What is the motivation for a potential consumer to switch to solar?
  • (07:05) How do we change the consumer mindset about Solar?
  • (09:20) How & why should branding be the key focus of Solar companies today?
  • (11:18) How do local manufacturers compare against international counterparts?
  • (12:53) How does the safeguard duty affect the Solar Industry?


  • (14:45) Which policy of the Government has benefitted Indian Businesses?
  • (15:50) Your advice to Policymakers of India.
  • (16:40) One myth about Green Energy.
  • (17:26) Advice for Entrepreneurs in the Renewable Energy Space.

We’re grateful to Mr. Gagan Vermani to have taken out time and shared his views on the various developments in the Indian solar industry and what entrepreneurs can do to fix the main problems that we’re currently facing. Follow Mr. Vermani on Linkedin and to learn about more solar energy, follow the Spark Podcast on Youtube

Until next time!

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