7 Ways To Start a Solar Panel Business in India

Here are 7 Ways To Start a Solar Panel Business in India with detailed guides and investment breakdowns (Beginner’s Guide)

From bringing millions of people out from their energy poverty to preventing the further depletion of the ozone layer, solar energy is a key solution to a majority of humanity’s problems. The shift to solar power has become the primary goal of many nations across the globe.

Types of Lucrative Businesses Models

  • (0:26) How To Become a Solar Manufacturing Company
  • (2:11) How To Become a Solar Distributor
  • (3:41) How To Become an Independent Solar Consultant
  • (4:45) How To Start a Solar EPC
  • (6:15) How To Start a Solar Financing Company
  • (7:28) How To Start a Solar Operation and Maintenance Company
  • (7:28) How To Start a Solar Training Institute


Solar Panel Manufacturing

  1. Complete Business Plan
  2. Worldwide Machinery and Equipment Provider

Solar Distributors

  1. Solar Distributorship Agreement Example

Solar EPC

Solar Financing Company

Solar O&M

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How to get started?

If you’re new to the solar industry; it’s important that you start learning about how the technology works and how your business would fit in the existing ecosystem of Solar Energy. Every solar business has various departments that play vital functions to ensure that the power plants provide the maximum benefits to its end-user. However, every solar power plant starts as a design, and if you wish to start a solar business, you’ll need the right skills in your team to be able to design a powerful power plant to ensure that you can get your design project off the ground.

Solar Design is a skill that involves having the knowledge to use various solar design software, optimizations, thumb rules, and forecasting the optimum generation for your clients. This is achieved through the use of powerful software like PVSyst, AutoCAD & SketchUp. To get started on how to use this software or train your team in building world-class solar power plants, visit Reo Training

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