Everybody can teach.
Only few can teach well.

At Reo Training, we all come to work everyday with a single objective - to offer you the highest quality of professional online training in the solar energy industry.

Every solar training program offered by Reo is a complete product of our own. From the process of selecting the right instructor for a program, to designing our own unique curriculum, designing program contents, program video production, and assessments, the entire training process is controlled and managed internally to avoid any lapse in quality.

Each solar training program is designed to offer you exactly what the solar industry demands in terms of technical skill, knowledge and practical insights.
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The go-to
solar training platform

Only we are upskilling solar engineers and solar companies around the world, on a regular basis.

Through our online training courses, we have trained solar professionals from 35+ countries, with 40%+ signing up for atleast a 3rd program.

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Our responsibilities towards you


Unique Curriculum

Build an original and professionally acceptable curriculum supported by the right course structure

Tangible Results

Help you achieve tangible results at work through every professional solar program

Quality Instructors

Bring the expertise of global solar energy experts and professionals near to you

Our differentiators


Independently Reviewed

Before every solar training course is introduced, it is reviewed by a network of neutral solar industry professionals for unmatched quality

Professional Courses Only

Reo courses are only for learners who are seeking professional guidance & is not meant for casual learning as offered by Udemy and YT


We do not design our solar courses to compete on price. They’re built to compete on quality and we’re leading on that front

We are solving the need of a professional
and structured solar learning experience.