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Course Name Default Lesson
Engineering & Design of Off-Grid, Storage & Hybrid Solar PV Plants
Lesson 2 - Battery Losses
Planning and Implementing a Solar PV Rooftop Project
Lesson 2 - Virtual Site Assessments and Observations
Advanced Applications of PVSyst
Lesson 2 - Optimization Tools, Unlimited Sheds and Evaluating Simulations
Advanced AutoCAD
Lesson 3 - CAD Structure and Management
Electrical Engineering & Design of a Solar Plant
Lesson 3 - Detailed DC Design
Solar PV Design with PVSyst
Lesson 5 - Site Assessment
Solar Plant Layouts with AutoCAD
Lesson 6 - Overview of AutoCAD and Basic Functionality
3D Modeling and Energy Estimation with Helioscope
Lesson 6 - Overview of Helioscope
3D Modeling with SketchUp and Skelion
Lesson 6 - Virtual Site Assessments and Observations

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